Hello beauty!

Yep, our journeys have brought us to this moment … you and I have to journey together and my goal is to be the person you need me to be in your life at this precise moment.

Do you need INSPIRATION? I can give you some. Do you need MOTIVATION? I have that for you too. Do you need NAVIGATION? You guessed it right, it’s available too. And finally, do you need TRANSFORMATION? This is exactly what you can expect when working with me !!!

You see, I strongly believe that YOU are the expert in your own life. Consider me your midwife. That thing that you carry, that “je ne sais quoi, yeah”, I know, it has a life of its own. The gestation time is almost over and you are ready to give birth. This is where I come in.

Everything you do has to align with who you are. How long are you going to ignore this longing in your heart and maintain the status quo? Isn’t it time to explore what this longing is destined to produce for you?

This is YOUR time to birth who you really are! It’s YOUR time to live your best life NOW, doing what you love and loving what you do from a place of love and authenticity!

I can’t wait to walk with you! 🙂

About the facilitator

 Kareen Aristide stands out as a passionate woman in helping people achieve their full potential professionally, emotionally and spiritually. She combines nearly 20 years of professional experience in employment counselling, entrepreneurship and wellness. She offers consultation, training, coaching, conferences and networking events in personal development and mental health. She’s a certified Human Behavior Consultant (Level I and II) with “Personality Insights” and a certified speaker with “Expert Speaker”. She has a B.A. Honours in Psychology with a Minor in Neuroscience and Mental Health. She’s the Chief Instigator of She Did It! Elle a osé!, a network for women entrepreneurs to help them grow personally and professionally. She and her husband of 21 years own l’espace PME, a co-working space and event venue for entrepreneurs and their families. They are raising 5 wonderful children and some of them are also entrepreneurs!