Submission Guidelines

Read Before Submitting Your Video
  • • Your video must be between 3 to 5 minutes maximum
  • • Submit your video using the app Benji
  • • Once you click on the “Submit Your Video” Button on the right, you will be taken to the Benji platform
  • • Once on the VideoAsk platform, you’ll see a short welcome video on the left and then you can click on the “Record Your Answer” on the right to get started
  • • You can practice as many times as you want before sending it
  • • You can also upload a video instead of recording it on the platform (Works with .mp4, .mov & .webm. Max size 300MB!)
  • Here are a few things that we are looking for:
  • • Be authentic and show your passion
  • • Share from the heart
  • • Don’t memorize a script but we recommend making notes about what you want to say in order to be as concise and coherent as possible. If you’re recording in VideoAsk, you can add the notes on the recording screen as a sheet cheat 🙂

I’m ready!

You can opt to save this page and submit when you’re ready.  Also, an email with instructions and the video submission link has been sent to you.

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