Au centre des sens

Over the last 7 years I devoted myself to retrain and improve my leadership skills. I went from being a rusty federal employee that was slowly dying from the inside to a dynamic entrepreneur that offers her expertise and leadership coaching services. To get a free complementary 30-minute coaching session simply send me a message […]

Carole Kitoko Group Inc.

Coach in the development of the couple / Speaker / Entrepreneur. DECIDE NOW ABOUT YOUR TRANSFORMATION AND REALIZE YOURSELF SO YOU DON’T HAVE REGRETS! (Services in French only)

Conscious Togetherness

Kawtar El Alaoui is a consultant committed to creating more harmony and unity in our world by allowing people to recognize and experience the universality of our humanity. Her work is the culmination of many years of growth with many modalities as well as living and working for extended periods of time in 5 different […]