Bonney Elliott Psychotherapy & Consulting

Bonney is a registered psychotherapist clinical supervisor and wellness coach in Ottawa Canada. She does meaningful work with individuals couples and groups seeking positive change who want to live fuller lives and connect more deeply with themselves and others.

Carol Davies Coaching

I am a motivational life success coach and creativity mentor. I work with individuals who want to change their lives and move in a new direction towards self-fulfillment and personal success. I help you design a life that is creative, heart-felt, full of self-love and joy, using CBT, NLP, EFT and coaching. I help you […]

Coach Nahomie Acelin

I dedicate my life to teach coach and inspired people to live in their full potential. I’m compelled and duty-bound to my calling to see this generation and the next enter destiny.

Hindsight Transformational Coaching

Hi! I’m Krista. I help women entrepreneurs find the energy and inspiration to cut cravings and move towards high-level wellness one step at a time. I am the creator of the Steps and Ladders Method based on the Snakes and Ladders Game where you roll the dice and either find yourself sliding backwards or propelled […]

Moringa Ottawa

Black cis-femme. Born from a a biracial birth parentage and a transracial Adoptee. Entrepreneur enthusiastic about collaboration. If you’re looking to invest in a local Black Womxn-led tech startup let’s connect! A few industry experts and I are working on an exciting highly unique and scaleable mobile app with Canadian household name brands as solid […]