Au centre des sens

Over the last 7 years I devoted myself to retrain and improve my leadership skills. I went from being a rusty federal employee that was slowly dying from the inside to a dynamic entrepreneur that offers her expertise and leadership coaching services. To get a free complementary 30-minute coaching session simply send me a message […]

Gestion de Matrimoine

Investing in women is what Gestion de Matrimoine offers. Created by Maria Ikisse, Gestion de Matrimoine is a company in the financial sector that was designed for women. Through her experience in the financial industry, Maria recognized a need for women to be educated on matters of investment order and personal financial management. She wanted […]

L’alternative mieux être

My passion is to help people feel better physically and / or emotionally. It is this passion that drove me to become a reflexology therapist and to create my reflexology business a little over 2 years ago. Reflexology helps reduce tension, improve blood and lymphatic circulation as well as restore proper functioning of the body. […]

PA Plus Consulting

Paula Alphonse is a transformational speaker leadership trainer and a status quo disruptor. She has held various many hats throughout her career: pharmacist, manager, coach, educator and author. Her passion and purpose in life is to empower people to reach their full potential by tapping into their personal leadership to achieve positive impact and the […]


My name is Dulcie Suiwa. I’m passionate about Arts Media Communication and most importantly about living a well-balanced life through which I strive to be healthy in those three dimensions: Spirit, Soul and Body. Being part of the She did it! movement is so exciting and a true blessing. As I’m launching a Consulting business […]