Lara’s Story

The freedom to develop my creative ideas, to change my path when desired, and make my own decisions propelled me to become an entrepreneur. But truth be told, the journey wasn’t always a smooth one. My 11-year journey has been one of incredible growth that has included a brick and mortar store, running a social media conference, becoming a social media consultant, and finally discovering my true passion is supporting entrepreneurs by creating connections and communities. My experiences and growth as a certified business coach empower me to continually build my business while helping others build theirs too. I frequently share my thoughts, truths, discoveries and knowledge in The Biz Studio Community where I encourage all entrepreneurs to create a business they love by focusing not only on the business they want to have but also on the life they want to have. I don’t believe in “one size fits all” solutions to business growth. Instead, I focus on finding paths that are designed specifically for the entrepreneurs I work with.

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