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Over the last 7 years I devoted myself to retrain and improve my leadership skills. I went from being a rusty federal employee that was slowly dying from the inside to a dynamic entrepreneur that offers her expertise and leadership coaching services. To get a free complementary 30-minute coaching session simply send me a message via my website.

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Carol Davies Coaching

I am a motivational life success coach and creativity mentor. I work with individuals who want to change their lives and move in a new direction towards self-fulfillment and personal success. I help you design a life that is creative, heart-felt, full of self-love and joy, using CBT, NLP, EFT and coaching. I help you transition to the joyful success you’ve always wanted!!

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Conscious Togetherness

Kawtar El Alaoui is a consultant committed to creating more harmony and unity in our world by allowing people to recognize and experience the universality of our humanity. Her work is the culmination of many years of growth with many modalities as well as living and working for extended periods of time in 5 different cultures. Kawtar is a trained lawyer intercultural mediator and coach. She brings her systemic view and her in depth experience together in service to the creation of a world where no one is left behind.

An expert in the field of transformation Kawtar creates these outcomes by supporting groups to recognize how we create conflict misunderstandings separation and equipping them with the tools for connection understanding of self and others and inner peace. These shifts result in self-motivation improved communication collaboration and unleash creative solutions.

Kawtar brings a compassionate, courageous, and pragmatic attitude to growth, and supports conscious leaders in giving full expression to their soul’s purpose in the world, and lead with a balance of accountability and compassion.  Kawtar works with a group of independent conscious leadership coaches and facilitators to support organizations in this shift. To know more about Kawtar or to book her for speaking engagements or conferences, visit Kawtar’s personal website at

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Hindsight Transformational Coaching

Hi! I’m Krista. I help women entrepreneurs find the energy and inspiration to cut cravings and move towards high-level wellness one step at a time. I am the creator of the Steps and Ladders Method based on the Snakes and Ladders Game where you roll the dice and either find yourself sliding backwards or propelled forward by way of a ladder. Using my mindful Steps and Ladders Method we stop rolling the dice on your health and instead take it one step at a time so you can see the ladders and strive to land on those squares. I’m a self-improvement junkie certified life coach and a master at turning lemons into lemonade. Join me in my Facebook group Healthy Living For Mindful Women and take your health one mindful step at a time.

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