Machab Consulting and Machab Design

Let me introduce myself, my name is Marie Chantal, I am the founder of Machab Design. I help people in search of originality to embellish their living environment to feel better and to flourish personally. This company is there to inspire you through the decoration because a well-appointed living space and to our taste helps to propel us further. I work with the African fabric also called “Pagne”. I also help those who want to connect with Africa. I allow them to live their cultural affiliation or to create this cultural link between Canada and Africa.

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Opulence Global – Ifrah Sucdi Hassan

Ifrah Hassan is a proud Somali Canadian activist turned entrepreneur. She is the owner of Ifrah’s Essentials and Lifestyle Director 3 with Opulence Global a Canadian company that specializes in health fashion beauty and personal care items and operates in over 200 countries and territories. After only two years in business Ifrah now leads a team of almost 1000 partners in 25 countries and has ditched her 9-5 job with the government where she worked for the past 10 years! Ifrah’s lifelong mission is to help millions of lives globally achieve financial freedom as well as live a healthier happier lifestyles!

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Opulence Global – Steph Wise

Steph Wise has been an entrepreneur since the age of 19 and spent nine years in a franchise environment mentoring successful and profitable franchises where she discovered her passion for teaching people about business. She volunteers as a mentor for Futurpreneur Canada to support new start up businesses and is always looking to add value in the business community. She partnered with Opulence Global nine years ago after seeing the vision and realizing that she could live her passion but on a global scale without the confines of traditional business and now supports a team over 1800 partners in 40 countries around the world. She is an international trainer and a leader that many partners look up to. Steph takes leadership opportunities where possible and strives to make a measurable difference in the lives of others. She has been on a journey of personal development where she invested in herself to grow and become more which led her to help found a Toastmasters club has lead as club President Area Director and now serves as Division Director. She also recently co-authored in a book called the Book of Inspiration for Women by Women and is working on an online course! She is driven enthusiastic and passionate in developing people to live their highest potential and is committed to giving back and make an impact in the world.

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