Julie Bélanger

A life in harmony! My fascination with this thing called energy, which although invisible is everywhere around us whether we are aware of it or not, dates from yesterday. But life has this way of reminding us of our destiny. Looking back I believe I can now say that I was placed on this earth to help and protect. In my personal and professional life I have always been the guardian of the well-being of others. Mother of two beautiful daughters, there was a time when all my energy was destined for them, anxious to ensure them a future filled with hope despite the tragic death of their father. For several years I struggled before finally exhausting myself and having to stop everything. The pressure had finally caught up with me. Today, my practice of energy harmonization gives me a lot of gratitude and nothing pleases me more than sharing my passion for wellness at conferences or special events. There are many who see how much Polarity and Tianshi can immerse them in a state of supreme relaxation; some even surprise themselves sometimes to discover a more spiritual aspect of their personality. However, my practice is not unusual and if I am able to quickly detect emotions it is because I am endowed with a great sensitivity and a keen sense of intuition. We often advocate my approach that is both gentle, warm and accessible, and I do everything in my power to give people confidence. If there is one lesson I take away from my career, it is that life deserves to be lived in harmony and it is therefore with this in mind that I want to accompany you.


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L’alternative mieux être

My passion is to help people feel better physically and / or emotionally. It is this passion that drove me to become a reflexology therapist and to create my reflexology business a little over 2 years ago. Reflexology helps reduce tension, improve blood and lymphatic circulation as well as restore proper functioning of the body. (Services in French only)

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