Machab Consulting and Machab Design

Let me introduce myself, my name is Marie Chantal, I am the founder of Machab Design. I help people in search of originality to embellish their living environment to feel better and to flourish personally. This company is there to inspire you through the decoration because a well-appointed living space and to our taste helps to propel us further. I work with the African fabric also called “Pagne”. I also help those who want to connect with Africa. I allow them to live their cultural affiliation or to create this cultural link between Canada and Africa.

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Studio X Ottawa Inc.

Nadège Nelson is a Latin dancer and fitness enthusiast who felt in love with Salsa about 20 years ago by visiting a Latin club with some friends. She got hooked and has been dancing all types of Latin dances since then. She manages Studio X Ottawa Inc. a dance fitness and studio renting facility that she opened almost 7 years ago with her dance and life partner as well as some associates. With her partner of almost 15 years she has taken classes and trained with various master instructors in Canada the States and Europe. Earlier this year they finished 2nd in the Semi-pro Bachata showcase category, 2nd & 3rd in the Pro/Semi-pro Salsa on 2 Showcase category and 4th in the Semi-pro Salsa on2 Showcase category at the 2020 World Salsa Summit in Miami. Their goal is to share their passion for dance and fitness by helping others get the control of their body feel good about themselves build self-confidence and achieve their personal dance and fitness goals.


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