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Paula Alphonse is a transformational speaker leadership trainer and a status quo disruptor. She has held various many hats throughout her career: pharmacist, manager, coach, educator and author. Her passion and purpose in life is to empower people to reach their full potential by tapping into their personal leadership to achieve positive impact and the best return on investment for themselves their families as well as the organization for which they work. Paula wants everyone to recognize the power within that is awaiting to be ignited along with their right to a blissful life. She uses her 16-plus years’ experience in the management cadre, colorful storytelling and a memorable sense of humor to provide tips, tools and structures which capitalize on opportunities at-hand. Since early 2016 Paula has also brought her training and coaching expertise pro-bono to third world organizations that would most benefit from emerging leadership and employee engagement trends to accelerate their progress towards success. Paula considers herself blessed to be able to see first-hand how helping each other grow actually makes the whole world a better place‚ one person at a time.

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Gatineau, Quebec Canada


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