Moringa Ottawa

Black cis-femme. Born from a a biracial birth parentage and a transracial Adoptee. Entrepreneur enthusiastic about collaboration. If you’re looking to invest in a local Black Womxn-led tech startup let’s connect! A few industry experts and I are working on an exciting highly unique and scaleable mobile app with Canadian household name brands as solid stakeholders. Start-up capital or even the right connection can make or break an innovative business idea. Director of Moringa Ottawa a social enterprise based on the unceded territory of the Algonquin and Anishnaabe peoples otherwise referred to as CAP region (national capital region of Canada). I live with disabilities and one of my favourite hashtags is #DisabilityNotInability an affirmation that reminds the world that those with disabilities have lots to offer and accessibility for all make it easier to maintain a life worth living. Proud Service-Dog handler. You are welcome to check out the Yam n’okra, the first project of #moringaottawa a curated series of videos from local storytellers. The very generous John M. Nyce provided videography services and the previous Nyce Image studio location for this project and I am forever grateful for the amazing service package that was negotiated to make a personal passion project be materialized. Contact info for Nyce Image is provided at the link below.

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Unceded Algonquin Anishinabe Territory, 

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