Mayele Enterprise

Mayele Enterprise Inc. is a Boutique Advisory Firm specialized in Strategic Brand Formulation. We are committed to help progressive founders, entrepreneurs, and corporate professionals define the true essence of their brand DNA; and to establish designer brands within the bespoke luxury sector.

Furthermore, with the help of pragmatic and futuristic market driven strategies, we provide a distinctive formula that aligns our clients to leverage their marketplace potential and gain traction within their precise target clientele with brand loyalty, integrity and purpose for the long haul with improved profitability.

We believe that developing a brand is a passionate indulgence of creativity; thus explaining why we value each partnership and client engagement with an unconventional thought process and holistic approach. This, in turn, allows us to serve as a source of inspirational empowerment, providing strategic direction and effective counsel, and revelatory insight in order to align every brand objective.

We are,

Your Partners In LUXURY Brand Building

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Arts & CultureBrand Management/ Strategic Consulting

Ottawa, Ontario Canada


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