Light Your Leadership Inc.

I am devoted to doing my part for a better future for my son’s and future generations. I have over 25 years working in HR with a focus on leadership and organizational renewal. Since I love to help people step into and light their leadership I wrote the international bestseller Light A Fire In Their Hearts: The Truth About Leadership founded Light Your Leadership Inc. (LYLI) and created the LYLTalks (Light Your Leadership Talks) podcast. At LYLI we coach train facilitate and consult on leadership. I deliver speeches that motivate leaders to go within and gain greater clarity in how they want to show up as leaders and what impact they want to make in this world. More about Light Your Leadership Inc. Our mission is to help leaders around the globe to light their leadership so that they can love their life as a leader. When leaders love their life they treat people they work with dignity respect and civity. They know how to inspire and engage so that people want to be and do their very best in a healthy and sustainable manner. Our values are connection compassion courage and competence. Our operating principles to light you leadership so that you can light a fire in the hearts of people you work with are profundity, passion, purpose, perseverance, professionalism, play, philanthropy and prosperity. Our vision is that together we can make the world a better workplace. Healthier workplaces will lead to a healthier planet.

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Orleans, Ontario Canada


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