IZERE by Deborah Ntawigirira

Deborah Ntawigirira is the founder and CEO of IZERE Coffe,she  wanted to bring a piece of her native country Burundi with her.So she made an arrangement with her mother to send freshly-harvested ‘Ikawa’ beans to her newly adopted home,Canada.Ikawa ,or coffee ,is just one of thousands of crops that grow in the lush tropical highlands of Burundi ,but it is one that has particular significance for its people .It is a source of community ,of shared pride and of reliable income for many.The beans that Deborah and her mother choose for Izere are harvested organically by some of Burundi’s many coffee cooperatives .They are traded directly to ensure that the benefits accrue right to the communities that grow and harvest them.

Boom Studios

Boom Studios is a production house that specializes in professional photography and videography. We use the most advanced cameras & equipment in the industry for all our projects. We offer:
Marketing Videos to promote your business.
Real estate photography and videos to promote your listing! Weddings and Events We offer unbelievably packages to capture your day and go through a 7 step process to make sure we are covering your day and to meet and exceed customer satisfaction.
Photography sessions:

Engagement – Weddings – Events – Maternity – Portraits – Boudoir – Family – Pets – Retail – Cullinary

YOUR NOTARY – Mtre Véronique Séméxant

Notary Services

We offer businesses and individuals a wide range of personalized and comprehensive legal notary services that address the unique needs of each client.

Me Véronique Beaudry is there to advise you and help protect your assets and your rights.

Our motto? Communication and accessibility. The diversity of skills of our team provides our clients with a strong expertise, continued support and a high quality of service in many fields of practice, from the celebration of your wedding to the settlement of an estate.

We have the right notary services for you! Whether you wish to purchase a house, refinance the one you own, start a business or protect your loved ones by drawing up your will or a mandate in case of incapacity, our team is committed to counseling you wisely with their notary services.

Also, you’ll receive a personalized experience through flexible hours of appointments and a diverse array of payment methods to help you reach your goals quickly and efficiently.

We look forward to meeting with you, and guiding you through the adventures that life offers!

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Purpose, Passion, and Presence for Women Rising by Alexandra Salamis

A unique, must-experience coaching program I designed for women who want to strengthen their leadership presence.

Are you stuck in old routines and habits that no longer serve you?
Would you like to rediscover a sense of purpose in your life?
How alive and passionate do you want to feel about what you are doing each day? How you feel about you, influences your presence in the world.

Being solid about who you are, what your purpose is, what you need to change, and what’s important to you, is what will help you successfully navigate through life – particularly in challenging times.


Elevate My Writing

Elevate My Writing is a copy editing service that helps entrepreneurs better communicate who they are and what they do on their website, in email marketing, and on social media. More than a proofreader or spell checker, Jummy takes your writing to the next level so that your potential customers and clients connect with you and take action. Visit the services page to see how we can work together: