Alex’s Story

There’s nothing like saying goodbye to family, friends, and a government job to move 13,056 km away from home to kick start an entrepreneurial journey! That’s how far New Zealand is from Canada and that’s what I did in 1997. I come from a family of entrepreneurs and it took moving away from home and having only me to rely on, and not a steady pay check to realize that I was an entrepreneur at heart.  At first it was very scary and times were lean, however after awhile I found what I was looking for and became a management consultant.  I remember working with my very first client – the New Zealand government and realizing that based on my work in Canada I had much to offer as a consultant. The realization that I could help clients and that they were willing to pay for my knowledge and expertise was so empowering to me! I haven’t looked back since.That isn’t to say that my journey has been easy – it hasn’t, but it has been hugely rewarding and has enabled me to grow personally and professionally. Being an entrepreneur means stepping out of your comfort zone, trying new things, and taking risks.  For me it has meant that I get to live my life my way, I get to work with tons of great people and I get to work on things that are making the world a better place!

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