It's more than a network, it's a movement!

She Did It! is a movement with a mission to help female entrepreneurs connect and grow both personally and professionally. 

Who is it for?

Women who are thinking of starting a business
Women who are in business full-time or part-time
Women who want to support women-owned businesses
Women who aspire to reach their full potential personally and professionally

our team

Kareen Arsitide

Speaker | Trainer | Consultant | Coach | She Did It! Instigator

Hi! My name is Kareen and I’m passionate about connecting women with one another. My speciality is in personal development and mental health and I love to empower the entrepreneur behind the business.  Throughout my 15+ years in business, I’ve met amazing women along the way that have both inspired and challenged me to be the best version of myself, to stay the course and to pursue my dreams.

Whether you are a woman in business, thinking of giving birth to a project or a woman who simply aspires to realize her full potential, I hope that She Did It! becomes a powerful tool to bring you forward and that it helps you to believe that if I can do it and she can do it, so can you

Joanne Savoie-Malone

Bilingual Performance Consultant | Transition Coach | Career Strategist | Passion Test Facilitator

Hi, my name is Joanne, I’m ecstatic to be part of the She Did It! team to create a women’s hub for personal development and entrepreneurship where members encourage and motivate each other. As a coach I have helped over 500 people transitioned into a new job, new career or start their own business and I’m super excited to be here to encourage members get started with their ideas, either for their business or their personal projects, and share my knowledge on life-skills to negotiate life. I love this quote from Marie Forleo: “You have a purpose – a very special gift that only you can bring to the world.”

Maryline Fetiveau

Membership Coordinator

Hello everybody, I am so thrilled to be part of Kareen’s team. Being part of a women’s movement is so exciting for me. Educating and helping women always has been important for me and has been part of my values.My mantra is “Do what you love, love what you do…” Follow your passion! Can’t wait to meet you all!

Diana Andrea Diaz

Virtual Assistant

Hello everyone! My name is Diana, I have a bachelor degree in economy and experience in the insurance industry. I’m grateful for everything in my life, my family, my friends and the beautiful experiences and opportunities that I live everyday, like being part of this amazing team She Did It ! I am thrilled to join you as a member of such a powerful and energetic group. I believe that when women come together, great things happen. Let’s connect with all the wonderful women in this group!

Grace Mayele

Strategic Brand Advisor | Thought Leader | Entrepreneur | Wisdom Dispenser

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What some women experienced

She Did It, is a great place to connect with other women who want to learn the power of collaborations.
She did it / Elle a osé is a space for entrepreneurs who want to propel their business. You will find the tools and people who will help you develop your skills. You can also share and exchange on best business practices. A warm and human environment.
Through this network I was able to have important tools for personal development. I know I'm lucky to be part of this beautiful, inclusive community of inspiring women from She Did It / Elle a osé.
An exceptional experience that helps me to see more clearly my goal in my career as a professional and as a woman entrepreneur.